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Energard, the gold standard for energy management and diagnostic services.
Energard’s core values are:      • Responsiveness      • Integrity      • Commitment      • Innovation
Energard is a family company. Jim Scace (1928-2011) pioneered energy monitoring and management. He invented Energy Accounting in 1975 and today our staff includes three generations continuing his farsighted approach to a universal challenge. Energard takes pride in understanding the challenges of facilities management. Our mission is to enable organizations to anticipate and quantify energy costs and consumption. Being able to respond quickly to problems saves energy and money.
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• Three years of utility bills are collected to establish a previous track record for your building/facility. • After this initial setup, monthly utility bills are sent to Energard to provide ongoing monitoring. • Other important data about your building/facility like local weather, occupancy and square footage is collected. • Energard’s Envision system makes accurate calculations from your info based on an energy efficiency index that adjusts for weather and occupancy. • Dozens of reports, charts, graphs and other valuable info about your building’s energy use are generated and updated nightly. • You can log onto Energard’s secure server to view and/or download this info anytime you like.
Energard Technologies specializes in providing energy accounting and energy tracking for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings and facilities.
• Energard (or you) installs meter-reading devices onto your utility meters. • The meter-reading devices are linked to a Remote Processing Unit (RPU) provided by Energard. • The RPU sends consumption data to Energard via internet. • Energard translates this data into timely energy tracking reports, charts and other valuable info. This info updates as often as every 5 minutes. • You can log onto Energard’s secure server to view in virtual realtime and/or download this info anytime you like. • You can set alarms to notify you immediately of any abnomalities in your energy use.
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If you don’t have a password, forgot your User ID or Password, or want more information about Energard’s Envision or Envision Plus services, please contact us at 425-881-3451 (Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm PST)
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What are you doing with your manual meter readings? Would you like an expert to review them for accuracy and possible problems? Energard’s MMR Watchdog service makes your life easier by carefully reviewing your manual meter readings. If an anomaly is discovered, we will notify you immediately so you can take action before it becomes expensive. The meter readings are also used to supplement utility bill data. The result is more current Energy Accounting reports. More current reports allow you to spot trouble early and make informed, time-critical decisions. Getting started is easy. There’s no installation or startup fee. MMR Watchdog is available for a low monthly fee. To find out more or to order MMR Watchdog, call us today!
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Our staff here at Energard Technologies is dedicated to helping you with any technical issues you may encounter. To speak to someone in person, please call Monday through Friday, between 7am and 4pm Pacific standard time. Ph. 425-881-3451   Fx. 425-881-1476
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If you are considering applying for an EPA bench mark score, Energard now offers help. Save time and headaches! Starting Monday, April 11th, Dawn will be available for assistance at 425-881-3451, or you can email her at